Pockets of Joy

Anyone who knows me knows I love the sun. My favourite time of the year is January to March, because it’s super hot….which basically translates to sun dresses, sunglasses, sunscreen, lots of sunshine…..the works. Give me heat over cold any day. (Yeah, I see some of you rolling your eyes, but I actually enjoy the heat.)

Now that that’s out of the way…..

The Kenyan winter is upon us. *sigh*

I don’t like the cold. I really don’t. And it isn’t just because the skies are grey and gloomy, but also because the cold means allergy season. Which basically means I wake up most days with a headache and blocked nose. Not fun. At all.

On a more serious note, I also don’t like the cold season because it brings back bad memories, things I’d rather not remember but can’t seem to forget. Memories of dull days and sleepless nights; of tears and struggling to get out of bed; of panic attacks, and desperate prayers for things to change. And so every year when the cold season rolls around, I find myself getting into a funk.

But this year, as the rains have given way to cold and the sun has retreated behind grey clouds, I have resolved to do things differently. I have resolved to look for things to make me smile every day, no matter how difficult the day gets. I will wear bright colours, just because I can. I will enjoy wearing scarves and boots, which I think are some of the best things about this weather. I will keep myself warm, and I will thank God that I can get antihistamines when I need them. I will drink copious amounts of tea to fight the chill, and hot chocolate to soothe the difficult days away.

I will find pockets of joy in this cold season.

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