Dreaming of Love….

Let’s talk about love today….

This story was inspired by one of my all-time favourite love songs….

they don’t make songs like these anymore…..*sigh*


We met in obscurity, in the midst of a dark time. You were just a face in the crowd; lost in the ache of loss so deep it felt like I was drowning. I didn’t see it coming….if anyone had asked me then, I’d have said it was impossible. But you watched me in the shadows, biding your time. And eventually, as the haze cleared, I saw you: unobtrusive, not drawing attention to yourself, yet your kindness shone a spotlight on what I was missing. So began the long, slow dance of getting to know you, learning to love you. So many layers peeled back, so many treasures discovered! Your intelligence blew me away. Your perspective on life, love, and people was amazing to listen to. Your tenderness as you spoke about the people you loved struck a chord in my heart….I wanted to hear you talk about me in the same way. Your voice stirred feelings long forgotten. Your wisdom was a well I kept drawing from. Your smile lit up dark spaces. You were my dream come true, my prayers answered, my desires fulfilled.




Tyler Nix
Jamie Street

Our love grew slow; watered by patience and consistency, then refined by the fires of hard times. We were not perfect….the flaws were many, the struggle at times unbearable. Like two iron heads, we clashed and sparks flew. We said things we didn’t mean, and we hurt each other with silence. But somehow, love kept bringing us together. We uncovered in each other truths we didn’t want to see, and then confronted them together. You showed me your scars and I kissed them, honouring the memories they came with because they were part of you. You saw how wounded I was and you tended my heart carefully. I loved you more with each passing day, and your love grew stronger with each passing season.

Naveen Kumar

It’s been many years of pushing and pulling and coming back together. And I’m surer of this now than I was when I first said it: I love you.

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